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How to build a mobile chicken tractor extension

How to build a mobile chicken tractor extension

We have one bad a$$ chicken coop that is ideal for chicken farming. It is 25′ x 15′ and currently holds about 50 chickens (mixture of baby chicks, a rooster, and a bunch of hens). To make our chicken coop even more awesome we did something kind-of unconventional. We made a mobile chicken coop extension.

You see in order to help our chickens get more grass and veggies we added a mobile extension off of our main external coop area. Currently, our first extension goes off the east side of our coop and extends into our garden. Here are a few pictures of how it looks.


The idea in doing this was:

  1. Help increase veggies (grass) consumption
  2. Turn over our garden area and mow down the grass/leftover vegetation from our garden
  3. Provide more space for our chickens to “roam free” (we find the more space our chickens have to live in, then the better the eggs taste)

In order for you to do the same here are the supplies you’ll need.

  1. 24″ x 150′ of chicken wire – I bought my on amazon for about $23.99
  2. Zip ties – used to tie the chicken wire to the garden posts
  3. 3 foot Garden posts – in all I used about 10 garden post to make a 20′ extension
  4. Hammer or sledge hammer – used to pound the garden posts into the ground

Now in order to help ensure that no predators get into our coop we built a adjustable door that we could easily lower from the outside of our coop so that no predators could get in. In building the extension I  really worried that this might open our coop up to predators. The key is to ensure you have safety measures in place to reduce the risk of all your chickens getting taken out.